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Packaged Systems

Packaged Systems Provide a Shrewd HVAC Solution

Packaged systems are a great solution if you are short on space and require both a heater and an air conditioning system. Packaged systems are offered in different configurations, from a one-room unit to units for an entire building.

Regardless of which option you need, the advantage is the components come all in one unit. Packaged systems include both the indoor and outdoor pieces of a heat pump or air conditioner together. Basically, this means you get two units in one package.

After you’ve decided a packaged system is best for your needs, your next step is to check out the various kinds of packaged systems you have to choose from. Our certified technicians at Haskins Heating & Cooling are always happy to help you with your selection.

Contact us at 615-746-6390 now for expert advice on selecting a packaged system for your small home or business.

Performance™ 15 Hybrid Heat®

This system automatically selects the most efficient heating method - electric heat pump or gas furnace. For cooling, it uses a two stage compressor with a multi-speed blower motor for cooling efficiency as high as 15.5 SEER.

Performance™ 14 Hybrid Heat®

This system heats with a highly efficient electric heat pump, switching over to a gas furnace when the temperatures drop. With a single stage compressor and a multi-speed blower motor, cooling is also highly efficient and effective.

Performance™ 15 Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner

This system combines the heating power of a gas furnace with the cooling ability of an air conditioner in one system for year round home comfort. Compatible with ventilators, humidifiers, and air purifiers for customized comfort, too.

Performance™ 14 Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner

A gas furnace and an air conditioner in one convenient system. This system provides a cooling efficiency of up to 14 SEER and heating efficiency of up to 80.1% AFUE.