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Just wanted to say thanks for coming out at the last minute yesterday. I'm glad I checked the BBB site and found you. Your techs were gentlemanly, very professional and serve you proudly.

– Elizabeth M.


It was a lucky break when I brought your web page up on my computer Monday night, January 20, endeavoring to find a new ac/heat unit. My 87 year old mother lives in the house, and she had been very frightened the heat unit was going out in the coldest part of winter. I filled in the online questionnaire and the next day I had a call from your office. Someone went to the house THAT day and determined what had to be done to give her warm heat and peace of mind. We agreed on the unit and price on Wednesday morning and within a matter of an hour or so, two men were out at her house making the change. We do so appreciate Justin and Robbie's excellent work in the cold weather and that Steve, too, showed up to make sure everything was going to my satisfaction. We think the new thermostat will be easier to see and use and that she will be satisfied with the warmth. Thank you so much for all that you and your crew did and in putting her job first on Wednesday morning since she is elderly and the old unit was hanging on by a thread. You have our recommendation to anyone.

– Haywood S.


I knew my existing unit was on its last leg. Knowing this, I called your company, as well as a couple of others and was getting estimates. Last night, my unit finally gave out and I decided to go with your company. I called Steve after hours, and told him that I wanted Haskins for the job, and the sooner the installation could take place, the better. I could not believe it when Steve told me that he could have guys out here at 9 a.m. the following morning to start the change out. Just like the day of the estimate , your guys showed up on time as promised (unlike your competitors)and ready to work. I could not believe my air was up and running around 12:30, less than 24 hours from the time I had called Steve to tell him I accepted the proposal. I was very impressed not only with your crew's punctuality and professionalism, but also their courtesy. It is apparent that they take pride in their work, and didn't want to just slap this unit down, and move on to the next one. I felt as if they were not only concerned about making money, but making sure this unit was installed like it was their own personal unit. They were the type of people I would want working for me if I owned my own company. It is getting harder and harder to find a company who is as professional as what yours has shown me thus far. It seems like everyone nowadays wants your money in a hurry so they can move on to the next job and repeat. Your company actually makes me feel like a valuable customer and I appreciate that. In closing, I wanted to tell you something I am sure you are already aware of. Steve, Terry, Cody, and Mitch are very valuable assets to your company. Guys like this earn repeat business, and word of mouth goes very far. I will highly recommend your company to anyone, and I do not regret my decision on deciding to use you as my hvac company. Whatever your companies hiring policy is should remain, because you have some very high caliber employees that represent your company very well.

– Joseph K.


We have been customers of Haskins for over 20 years. Heat went out last night, called at 8 am this morning and technician was here by 9:30 and had heat by 10:00. Entire Haskins team are professional and very customer friendly. Thank you Haskins for being a reputable business and for being there for us for these many years.

– Kathy A.


Just wanted to take the time to thank you for putting in my new heat pump on Tuesday 3/11/14. The men really did a great job. It works very well. Your company has provided us exceptionally quick and great service. There was never a question as to who I wanted to do the replacement. I will recommend you if asked.

– Michael S.


On behalf of the pastors churches of this area, I would like to personally thank you for your involvement in assisting us by informing readers of the Church Page in the Robertson County Times as to the times of services and information about each of the churches. It is very thoughtful of you to do this for us. I hope our church members will remember your kindness as they consider businesses that they personally will support. I pray that your businesses will be prosperous and that you will continue to be supportive of God's work in this world. The greatest things we will ever accomplish here on earth will be those things, which will carry over in the next. God bless you for your faithfulness.

– Rev. Don


I want you to know that you have the most professional group of guys working for you. I could not have asked for anything more than the way they conducted themselves. I have handed out about 10 of the cards that I got from Nancy and I know of one that intends to contact your company for help with her HVAC. They exhibited impeccable service, very knowledgeable, and courteous exactly what I hoped for and more. They answered all my questions with the most thorough answers and were very patient with me through the entire process. One thing I want to commend them on was the lack of cell phone use for personal calls and taking multiple breaks. I manage crews for inventories and those are the two most widely abused things that people tend to try to do the most and your guys did not. They worked very hard under the most extreme heat and never faulted. I made the right choice when I hired your company to take care of my family, and my home, I am very confident in that decision and feel sure that we will have something that works for us for many years to come. Thank you to you and your crew for a job well done and a very happy customer.

– Sheila W.