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Air Conditioning Installation

Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Four Easy Steps

When it comes to installations, your certified air conditioning professional has a critical job to perform. You need to trust your technician and make sure the installation is performed correctly. If you are in the market for air conditioner installation, these four steps are sure to help you make the right choice.

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Select an HVAC Company With a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+

Be sure to investigate the company you select for your air conditioning installation. Perform your due diligence by checking the company’s history, customer reviews, and their website.

How many years have they been providing air conditioning services? Remember, the longer they’ve been in business, the bigger the benefit they will deliver to customers. You should look for an HVAC company with the stability to look after your investment for many years.

When It Comes to Air Conditioner Installation, Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

Your home or business is unique. Getting the right air conditioning system to suit your specific needs depends on a number of factors including your layout, your budget, and the habits of occupants.

A bigger unit doesn’t necessarily mean better cooling. In fact, if the unit is too large, it will cycle off and on too often and waste energy and money. But a smaller unit tied to a programmable thermostat might provide better overall efficiency and lower operating cost.

As a Carrier certified specialist, Haskins provides a wide range of units, and our professionals know how to tailor each model to your specific needs.

Earlier Is Better for Air Conditioner Replacement

Earlier replacement of a slow, less-efficient air conditioner makes a lot of sense, aside from avoiding an emergency crash in mid-summer. Damage to the unit can slowly accumulate over time, meaning you end up paying more and more on your monthly energy bill. An early replacement means the energy you pay for to operate the unit is returning to you in the form of cold air.

Ask Your Air Conditioning Professional

The best way to learn about your new air conditioner is to ask questions during the installation process. Your installer is the system expert so you might as well pick his brain while he’s there.

For example, you might discover there’s a better setting for your new thermostat than the one you’ve been using. You can also learn about things to watch out for as signs of trouble.

Contact Haskins Heating & Cooling at 615-746-6390 for a free estimate for installing a new air conditioner.

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