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Gas Furnaces

An Energy Saving Gas Furnace is a Wallet-Friendly Choice

One of the primary reasons gas furnaces are so popular these days is because they are very energy friendly. In fact, with most new gas furnaces, you’ll enjoy savings of nearly 50% compared to the operating costs of an older furnace.

At Haskins Heating & Cooling, our certified technicians are experts when it comes to gas furnaces. They will be happy to guide you through the selection process and help you find the right model to suit your unique situation. From two-stage to variable-speed gas furnaces, you’re sure to find just the right one to keep you toasty warm this winter.

Contact us now by calling 615-746-6390 for more information about our gas furnaces and the services we offer to keep them operating at peak efficiency.

Infinity® 98 with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

The most advanced furnace Carrier® has ever made. Coupled with Greenspeed™ intelligence, the Infinity® 98 uses a variable-speed blower to provide consistent indoor temperatures with exact control.

Infinity® 96

A highly efficient furnace, with two stages of operation, that can run close to 90% of the time in its lowest stage to save energy. AFUE heating efficiency of up to 96.7%

Infinity® 80

Has a variable-speed blower motor and ComfortFan™ technology for only the best in airflow control, resulting in quiet operation and thorough home heating.

Performance™ 95

Highly efficient with a multi-speed motor and SmartEvap™ technology which both contribute to improving indoor humidity.