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Furnace Repair

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If you’re in need of a furnace repair, you probably have plenty of questions. Not only do you want to get your home back to a nice, cozy, and safe environment, but you also probably want to get your utility bills back into a normal range.

How Do I Know I Need to Repair My Furnace?

Even if you’ve been performing the small homeowner maintenance items on your furnace, like replacing filters, it may not be enough to prevent repairs.

Today’s furnaces have very sophisticated electrical and mechanical components that have a finite lifetime. Normal wear and tear can add up over time and cause unforeseen problems, even if your furnace was defect-free to start.

Signs of problems with your furnace can include odd smells and strange noises. Other signs your furnace may need to be repaired are if the thermostat temperature is not being held or you see changes in temperature from zone to zone.

A Broken Furnace Can Affect Your Entire HVAC System

You might be surprised to learn that your HVAC system uses some shared components. Even in the summertime when your furnace is off, air circulates through the furnace box on every cycle of air through the HVAC system.

Your furnace has a fan that propels filtered and fresh air back through your home. A thorough furnace repair will fix this shared portion of the HVAC system and help keep clean air circulating throughout your home.

It’s best to catch and repair problems with your furnace early, before it affects your entire system. By fixing problems now, you can save yourself from a furnace replacement later.

Furnace Replacement or Furnace Repair?

A certified professional technician from Haskins Heating & Cooling can help you decide which option makes the most sense. Our technician will be sure to go over the pros and cons of each choice with you.

Of course, a repair would probably be a less expensive and faster solution. But don’t forget, a quick fix might only serve to delay the unavoidable.

If you’ve got a newer system, you can probably expect many more years of use after it is repaired. However, if you’ve got an older system with some built up damage, replacing the system could avoid another emergency repair.

You can trust our staff at Haskins to walk you through the entire furnace repair process. Call us at 615-746-6390 now for a free in-home estimate.

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