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Fan Coils

Fan Coils Are a Great Way to Maximize HVAC Efficiency

Would you like to maximize your cooling unit’s efficiency? All it takes is ensuring you have the properly matching fan coil.

By matching up the right fan coil to your cooling unit, you will notice improved heat pump performance – even an increase of as much as 2 points in SEER rating of your heat pump or air conditioner. Not to mention a big improvement in your energy bills.

If you want to see this kind of improvement in your system, contact us now for more information about our fan coil selection.

Infinity® 98 with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Infinity® Series

A variable-speed coil that is able to help increase the SEER rating of an existing HVAC system, while being an efficient way to lessen the effects of high indoor humidity.

Infinity® 98 with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Performance™ Series

Has a variable-speed blower motor, which will help maintain even indoor temperatures throughout your home. Performance™ Series fan coils can increase a current air conditioner or heat pump's SEER rating by up to 2 points.

Infinity® 98 with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Comfort™ Series

Contains a blower motor capable of running at varying speeds to obtain home comfort more easily and more efficiently. The SEER rating of current heating or cooling systems can be increased by up to 1 point through installation of Comfort™ Series coils.