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UV Lights

UV Lights Kill Harmful Contaminants

The air purification professionals at Haskins Heating & Cooling offer a complete lineup of mold-killing germicidal lights. These lights use powerful ultraviolet rays to destroy contaminants like mold, yeast, and bacteria that can thrive in your indoor air whenever you have high humidity or inadequate ventilation.

These powerful lights are installed out of sight inside your home’s duct system and work silently to destroy contaminants and improve the safety of your indoor air.

For more information about our line of germicidal lights, contact us today at 615-746-6390.

Performance™ Germicidal Light (double bulb)

Performance™ Germicidal Light (double bulb)

Mold and bacteria can gather and grow in an indoor coil as well as its drain pan. Mold and bacteria not only contaminate the air, but can actually affect the efficiency of a HVAC system. Germicidal uv lights kill mold and bacteria, keeping indoor air clean.

Performance™ Germicidal Light (single bulb)

Performance™ Germicidal Light (single bulb)

Indoor coils can quickly become the home of bacteria and mold. Prevent their presence and keep your HVAC system pushing clean air through your home with a germicidal UV light.