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Improve Your Air Quality With Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Even if your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency, you still may not be experiencing the healthiest air quality.

If you are not controlling the humidity levels inside your home, you are exposing yourself and your family to a host of nasty problems. These can include itchy eyes, dry skin, mold, mildew, and an assortment of other unpleasant elements you don’t want in your home.

Haskins Heating & Cooling offers a range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control the moisture levels of your in-home air. These products are especially helpful for people suffering from asthma or nasal allergies. There is nothing more influential for the health and comfort of your family than the air you breathe.

Honeywell TrueSTEAM™ Humidifier

Honeywell TrueSTEAM™ Humidifier

Keep your home perfectly comfortable with the right amount of humidity from the TrueSTEAM™ humidifier. This unit is the best of two worlds. It combines the efficiency and performance of steam humidifiers with the reliability and easy-installation of flow-through humidifiers. Wireless adapters make this unit even more convenient without the need for messy wires.

Performance™ Steam Humidifier

Performance™ Steam Humidifier

This whole-home humidifier helps you and your family breathe more comfortably throughout your home. This humidifier's unique tube distribution ensures there is no moisture buildup inside ducts and that your entire home receives constant levels of humidity. Its quiet operation helps you save on energy costs and reduce static electricity without even knowing it's there.