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How Zoned Heating and Cooling Benefits the Busy Family

When you're already busy taking care of your family and trying to get everything done each day, the idea of spending even a minute trying to manage your home's heating and cooling system can leave you feeling overwhelmed.
Did you know that a zone control system can simplify your heating and cooling management? Systems with zone control can also provide your family with a host of other benefits as well. Zoned heating and cooling works by separating your home into different areas, which can all be controlled by thermostats in that zone.
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Learn why busy families definitely need the assistance and control offered by zoning the home's HVAC system.
Combating House Size
Big families need big houses, but all that extra square footage makes it harder to keep the entire home at an even and comfortable temperature. Many people get frustrated after feeling like their energy bills are really high, but they’re still not getting the temperature they desire, especially in rooms far from the HVAC equipment.
A zoned system allows you to shut off the air supply to rooms that aren't in use. The system has an easier time keeping the spaces you are using at a comfortable temperature.
Zoned systems also ensure that equal amounts of hot or cold air are directed to every area thanks to increased air pressure when dampers are used. Your ducts may need to be altered so the length of run between your HVAC systems and rooms is shorter. Many HVAC installers include this alteration and optimization when doing a zone retrofitting.
Catering to Personal Preferences
How many family disagreements begin in your house because one family member thinks the living room is too hot while the other feels cold? Using a single heating and cooling system for the entire house makes it hard to accommodate the preferences of everyone. Since zones can be designated to control just one or two rooms at a time, it is possible for every family member to control the temperature of their favorite spaces independently.
Controlling on the Go
Zone systems rely on multiple thermostats, with one for each zone that links to the central control panel. Your smart phone can connect to each thermostat and program it to do reach the temperature you’d like. These ideal pairings are especially helpful for busy families that often overlook setting the temperature a little lower or higher to save energy when they're out of the home. These thermostats will either automatically learn your schedule to keep each room as cool or warm as you usually like it or allow you to make these changes from anywhere in the world.
Cutting Your Costs
Family budgeting can make it hard to justify spending $1500 or more on an HVAC improvement that isn't a new furnace or AC. However, this one-time installation cost leads to serious long-term savings that last as long as you live in the same house.

Even after replacing other parts of the system, your zones will continue to cut your energy costs. Zoning systems make these savings possible by reducing wasted energy that normally would go towards cooling or heating rooms you're not using. Many families enjoy savings of 30% or more immediately after installation. If you're spending hundreds of dollars a month on heating or cooling, saving 30% adds up quickly and pays back the cost of installation.

Are you convinced that a zoned HVAC system is right for you and your family? Don't hesitate to call us here at Haskins Heating & Cooling to discuss your options and get an initial quote on the cost of installation. We can design a custom system that includes multiple ACs and furnaces or just adjust what you already have so it works more efficiently.