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It was a lucky break when I brought your web page up on my computer Monday night, January 20, endeavoring to find a new ac/heat unit. My 87 year old mother lives in the house, and she had been very frightened the heat unit was going out in the coldest part of winter. I filled in the online questionnaire and the next day I had a call from your office. Someone went to the house THAT day and determined what had to be done to give her warm heat and peace of mind. We agreed on the unit and price on Wednesday morning and within a matter of an hour or so, two men were out at her house making the change. We do so appreciate Justin and Robbie's excellent work in the cold weather and that Steve, too, showed up to make sure everything was going to my satisfaction. We think the new thermostat will be easier to see and use and that she will be satisfied with the warmth. Thank you so much for all that you and your crew did and in putting her job first on Wednesday morning since she is elderly and the old unit was hanging on by a thread. You have our recommendation to anyone.

- Haywood S.